Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Three Months

Dear Dayne,

Just typing out the title of this post made me tear up a little - I cannot believe you are three months already.  It reminds me of my pregnancy - there were times I felt like I was pregnant forever and other times it felt like I had just found out yesterday.  The same goes for you on the outside - it seems like you were just born yesterday and other times it seems strange to remember life without you in it.

This month brought on a lot of new things for you - and me!  It started off with my first Mother's Day - which was amazing.  You & Dad bought me a necklace with a Pandora charm of your birthstone.  We went on a walk at the nature preserve while Dad & Uncle Derek ran laps.  Mom's not doing much running these days - I can't with you in the stroller and even if I go solo I know I'll want to drop dead about 1/4 mile into it.  But I know this baby weight isn't going to lose itself.  More on that in another post.

You have become so much more alert (didn't think that was possible) and active this month.  You are awake more than you're asleep.  You are a morning person through & through.  We have to rouse you during the week when we're getting ready for work but once you're up you are all smiles and babbles.  I love to listen to you "talk" - you don't know the joy I get from hearing you go on and on about anything & everything.

Your smiles are the most rewarding thing in my life - to see your face light up when we see me and a smile take over will cause me to do anything you want.  I'm in some serious trouble later in life!  Truthfully, even your cries - which sometimes make me go crazy when I can't calm them - make my heart flutter.  You are leaning against me and asking me to comfort you.  I love knowing that sometimes all you want is mom, that mom knows, mom understands.

Your tummy time has paid off - you can lift your head up and check out your surroundings.  You give a squeal of delight when you do it too - bragging that you've mastered yet another milestone.  Also - the big milestone you reached this month - rolling over!  That moment will forever be etched in my memory.  You were on your activity mat rolling to your side, you had been able to roll from your back to your side since about one month.  Last month you were able to roll from your back to your tummy but you couldn't get your arm out from under you which made you more than a little cranky.  But I watched you roll from your back, to your side, to your tummy and then you moved your arm out of the way, pushed yourself up with your arms and looked around.  When you saw me grinning and squealing like a darn fool you joined in on the fun - pretty proud of yourself.

I look forward to each new milestone you reach - these past three months have been full of hard work, sleepless nights and tears (by both you & me) but it's all paying off.  Seeing you healthy, happy & thriving in the greatest reward.



  1. Okay, changed your blog, right? I was all confused for a minute until I saw the name "Dayne" and the pictures!!!

    Can't get over how much he's grown! It goes by so quickly that it makes your heartache, doesn't it?

    I love that you take the time to write these sweet letters to him. Someday in the future when you look back at these posts, you'll be so happy that you did this. It's incredible how much your memory will forget the little details!!!