Monday, May 9, 2011

Two Months

Dear Dayne

To my shock you have been in our life for two months already.  It seems like time is flying by and I'm grasping at each moment before it slips out of my fingers.  You are getting so big and showing us your personality more and more each day.  You are a morning person, when you get up you're full of smiles and coos.  Mom & Dad may not be morning people, at least what you consider morning, but we're learning.  It's hard to be upset when you wake us up at 6 AM on a weekend with coos and babbles then smile at us when we peek into the bassinet.  We have learned to have a family nap time on days like that. 

I think you are the cutest little boy on this planet, I'm biased because I'm your mom but family, friends & strangers agree that you are pretty darn adorable.  You're trying so hard to laugh, you test it out and it comes out more like a raspy cough but you're getting there.  You LOVE to smile at people and it usually results in them melting into a puddle of goo at the sight.  And you've mastered rolling over to your side.  I'm sure a complete roll is just around the corner. 

We find you many times with your three middle fingers in your mouth, you love to suck on them.  I think you've given up on your thumb and are pretty satisfied with the fingers or a pacifier.  You're up to 5-6 oz per feeding, you're growing like a weed!  Last week you gave us anywhere from 6-8 hours at night - this past weekend you went back to your 4-5 hour shifts.  But you're pretty good about falling right back to sleep after a feeding & a diaper change. 

You're in size 1 diapers finally - you surprised us by staying in newborn longer than we had thought but it seemed one night you just grew and anything with the word newborn in it no longer fit.  You're in the 0-3 clothing for length - you're getting chunkier but still not filling out the clothes width wise just yet.  You're getting better with your neck control, if we hold you upright over our shoulder you lift your neck up and swivel your head around checking everything out.  Tummy time can stand it for a little bit and then you're fed up.  You'll either roll to your side or cry until we flip you to your back, where you prefer to be. 

We celebrated our first Mother's Day - you are the best gift I could have received, you are the reason I'm a mother in the first place.  But to top it off, you & dad bought me a hanging basket of flowers, some flowers to plant in our gardens and a Pandora necklace with your birthstone charm.  We went on a walk Mother's Day morning, I power walked around the nature center while you checked everything out as we zoomed by.  Every time a bird called your eyes would widen and you'd try to figure out where the sound came from. 

You follow our cat, Ani, around with your eyes now, she interests you much more.  You like to grab onto things whenever you can and bring them closer to you.  Everything goes into the mouth when you can manage to get it there.  With the amount of drool you're producing lately I think you're in the beginning phase of teething.  You love to fling your arms and legs around when you're happy, your whole body is in motion as you express your joy. 

You make me smile every day, you make me sigh in happiness with my blessing of you, I miss our yesterdays, I treasure our todays and I look forward to our tomorrows.  Having you in my life has brought me more joy than I thought was possible.  You show me the world through new eyes, you make getting up at 2 AM rewarding.  The reward is feeling the weight of you in my arms, the warmth of your breath as you coo on my neck and the sound of your contented sighs as you drift back to sleep.

I love you so much baby boy!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ozone Socks

I discovered Ozone Socks when I entered a sweepstakes to win two pair of my choice.  I was lucky enough to win, I was sent two beautiful pairs of socks.  This company was founded in 2000 by Laurie Mallet - who grew up in London, fashion capital of the world. She believed that socks were one of the untouched fashion areas and aimed to tap into that market.

Her companies socks are little pieces of artwork you are able to wear on your feet.  They're fun and quirky - something people will comment on when you take your shoes off.

I won the following:

I love the thickness of these socks, perfect for wearing every day shoes while running errands or hanging out.  They both had a cute cuff too - another artistic detail.  They washed well and I didn't notice any shrinkage either.  I'm loving that I get to throw these socks into my regular rotation with the other plain jane white socks I'm usually sporting.