Thursday, May 5, 2011

Ozone Socks

I discovered Ozone Socks when I entered a sweepstakes to win two pair of my choice.  I was lucky enough to win, I was sent two beautiful pairs of socks.  This company was founded in 2000 by Laurie Mallet - who grew up in London, fashion capital of the world. She believed that socks were one of the untouched fashion areas and aimed to tap into that market.

Her companies socks are little pieces of artwork you are able to wear on your feet.  They're fun and quirky - something people will comment on when you take your shoes off.

I won the following:

I love the thickness of these socks, perfect for wearing every day shoes while running errands or hanging out.  They both had a cute cuff too - another artistic detail.  They washed well and I didn't notice any shrinkage either.  I'm loving that I get to throw these socks into my regular rotation with the other plain jane white socks I'm usually sporting. 

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