Welcome to Living Life In Motion - or more like living life in fast forward.  It seems like I hit the ground running every morning with the alarm clock (or crying baby - whichever comes first) and before I know it, I find myself collapsing back into bed.

My name is Tarah, I've been happily married to my husband since 2009 and we just welcomed our first child in 2011.  As a full time working mother and wife I have found that eking out a few minutes here and there throughout the day are vital to my sanity!  That's where this blog comes in.  It sort of like a journal of thoughts, reviews, opinions and just stories I want to share.  I'm hopeful to start giveaways as well, I know I always enjoy a win myself!

I am an avid reader, my husband gifted me a Nook this past Christmas.  It's a mix between two loves of mine, reading & gadgets.  I love electronics, if it has buttons and cool features you've earned my interest.  I love to cook & bake as well, I love trying out new recipes and tweaking them to make them my own. 

I also love to enter sweepstakes, I'm a "sweeper" and proud of it.  I enjoy the thrill of a win!  I enjoy the outdoors with my husband, we love to hike & camp.  We spend our summers on the lake and our winters tolerating the snow by skiing, ice skating and snowmobiling.  My husband is the greener thumb of the two of us but I'm learning more and more about gardening and really having fun with it!

If you want to know more - feel free to ask!  :)