Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Summer = Bathing Suite Shopping

Ah the horrors.  Pre baby I felt totally comfortable walking around in my two pieces.  Post baby...I'd like to not even show up in a bathing suit period!  My thighs are such great friends with each other right now they like to hug each other as they pass by.  I have stretch marks on the outside of my thigh/hip area where I gained weight with Dayne.  Not to mention the stretch marks that slash down from my belly button to the neither regions.  I also have a flab of fat that I can easily grab a handful of - it jiggles when I run.  *shudders*

So for those reasons alone - my bikinis will not see the light of day this summer.  I went to Old N.avy to try on a few tankinis and one pieces to help hide the tummy area at the very least.  I took one look at myself in the mirror, took the suite off and walked back out to grab sports bras.  This is not going to happen - I am not going to let this weight settle and get comfortable with "well this is how I am now."

I've been walking with a girlfriend a few days a week and that has resulted in a little weight loss - I actually zipped up my "fat fat" jeans the other day.  They were tight in the thigh area BUT they did zip up without me having to hold my breath and lay on the bed with a wire hanger.  I see that as progress.

So in honor of my spiffy new sports bra - I signed up for Zu.mba classes at the local yoga studio.  I'll do it night a week with friends and hopefully see the weight come off a bit quicker than what walking is yielding.  I'll still walk - that I can do with Dayne - this one night a week will be a night for me.  Jason will watch Dayne and I get to go hopefully laugh and have fun while shaking the weight off.

In the meantime - I still need to find a bathing suite (and a great cover up) that I can use this summer.  My friend suggested I splurge a little and go buy something nice that I feel great in and that covers my trouble areas.  I usually buy from Tar.get, Old Na.vy and Vic.toria's Sec.ret - but maybe I'll spend some extra $$$ on a suite that really fits right and makes me feel good while I'm trying to get back to where I was prior to Dayne.  Suggestions?


  1. I have been itching to try Zumba too. It sounds so fun. I might have to look and see if there is a class nearby.
    I feel you on the bathing suit front. Of course I haven't worn a bikini since I was a teenager, so I had tankinis to choose from....I still didn't look in the mirror on my way out to the pool. :)

  2. you totally deserve to splurge on a suit that makes you feel good! even if its just for a short time, as i'm sure you will get your hot body back in no time! i hear zumba is a great workout!

  3. Having always lived with not just "trouble areas" but a "trouble body" I have never been able to find cheap suits at Target that fit me well. I've always had good luck with suits at Macy's. They are more expensive but they are made SO much better.

    Have fun with the Zumba class!

  4. I had luck at Dillard's finding a bathing suit this summer. It's probably the first time in a long time I didn't have a mental breakdown in the dressing room!

    I definitely had to splurge on the suits but I love the way I look in them!

  5. Athleta has some GREAT suits- I'm also loving the suits at Boden!

  6. Weight loss regime never seems to end for me...