Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Star Wars

I admit - prior to meeting Jason I rolled my eyes at any mention of Star Wars.  I just didn't get it.  We had been dating for a while when the next installment of Star Wars had come out and Jason was thrilled to go see it in the theater.  I told him I had never seen the movies before - he stared at me like I had grown another head then vowed to change that.

He pulled out the DVD's of the earlier releases and we had a Star Wars marathon.  I was quickly drawn in and now I've seen all the movies several times.  Each time I watch it I grab something more from the story line I missed previously.  When we had Dayne, Jason started dreaming about finally owning (through Dayne of course) the At-At from Star Wars.  Not the small action figure - the giant toy that costs upwards of $100 or more.

So when I saw these adorable onesies in  Sandbox Clothing Etsy shop - I knew I had to have them for Dayne...and for Jason.  And yeah, kinda for myself too.

For $12 a onesie I thought it was pretty affordable!  Shipping took a bit longer than I had hopped - from the time I ordered it to the time I received it two weeks had gone by but there was a holiday weekend in there too so things may be faster during the standard week.  I was very impressed with the quality of the onesies.  These aren't lightweight onesies - they're made with 100% Cotton - 6.4 oz Interlock Ringspun.  (heavy duty stuff meant to last the test of time)  The graphics aren't handpress or heat transfers - they actually print the graphic on the onesie in order to last through many washes and to remain soft.

I washed both prior to putting Dayne in them and felt they washed well.  The onesie are a little small for the sizes given - I ordered a 3-6 month size - Dayne is currently wearing 0-3 and inching closer to 3-6 every day for length.  These fit him snuggly length wise, width wise it's perfect.  Dayne is a long kid though - but I had hoped that a size 3-6 would have lasted longer than I feel these will.  I have a feeling he'll only get a few wears out of them before they're too small.  I would order a size larger than you believe you will need.

Until he can tell us otherwise - I'm enjoying dictating his cute wardrobe.  


  1. It's pretty nice to be able to have the only say in picking out what they wear. When the time comes for Ruby to have an opinion it will be interesting.....

    So far we've purchased a Batman and a Superman onesie for Ruby. I was eyeing this Wonder Woman onesie from Hot Topic but I wasn't willing to pay $18 for a onesie. I'll have to check this shop out!

  2. I just spent the better part of the afternoon googling how to possibly make Jack a Star Wars room. He's so in to Star Wars...he literally tells everyone he knows that he's a storm trooper. ;) I love it!